About Us

Welcome to Jade & Charly , your preferred destination for everything related to childcare and pregnancy accessories. Our online store was founded with love and passion to offer the best to your little treasures and to you, future and young parents.

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Our Mission🥰

At Jade & Charly, we believe that motherhood and fatherhood are extraordinary journeys. Each step of this journey deserves attention, care and quality. This is why we have carefully selected products that combine safety, comfort and style . From the diaper bag to innovative pregnancy accessories, each item in our collection is chosen to enrich your parenting experience.

Our values

  • Quality and Safety: We are committed to only offering products that meet the strictest safety standards.
  • Innovation: We are constantly looking for innovative products that make life easier for parents while respecting the environment.
  • Support: We are more than a store; we are a partner in your parenting journey, offering advice and support.

The history of Boutique Jade & Charly ❤️

Jade & Charly - baby and mother accessories store

The story of Jade & Charly does not begin in a corporate office, but in a warm home, animated by the laughter and games of two wonderful children: Jade and Charly. Our store is the result of family love and a passion for the world of babies and young children.

The founders of Jade & Charly, parents of these two adorable children, were inspired by their daily experiences . They observed Jade, with her boundless curiosity and love for bright colors and soft textures, and Charly, always looking for adventure and fascinated by interactive and educational toys. These observations lit a spark: why not create a store that reflects the joy, creativity and innocence of childhood?

Convinced that every child deserves the best, they decided to launch an online store where other parents could find products that combine safety, development and fun. They wanted to offer items that not only meet children's needs, but also spark their awakening and imagination.

Jade and Charly baby twins baby boutique

Jade & Charly was therefore born from this desire to share a little of the magic of childhood. Every product we select is approved by our top reviewers: Jade and Charly themselves. This allows us to ensure that our items are not only practical and safe, but also loved by children.

Today, our store is a tribute to children's innocence, curiosity and joy of life. It represents our desire to capture the very essence of childhood and share it with you and your families.

By choosing Jade & Charly, you are not only choosing products for your children; you choose to bring into your home a little of the enchantment and joy that animate Jade and Charly every day.

With all our love for childhood,

The Jade & Charly team ❤️