Collection: Baby Mobile

Why put a mobile above the bed?

A bed mobile is much more than just a decorative object. It plays a crucial role in your baby's development by providing a calming and engaging source of distraction. By attaching a mobile above your child's bed, you create a visually stimulating environment that can help capture their attention and develop their concentration skills.

How to calm a baby?

Soothing through gentle movement

The slow, steady movements of mobiles can have a calming effect on your baby. The delicate rotations and hanging elements that dance gently above his head can help soothe crying and make it easier to fall asleep. Our Baby mobiles are designed to provide a relaxing visual experience, ideal for calming your child before bed.

Sounds and sweet melodies

Some of our mobiles are equipped with built-in music boxes that play soothing melodies. The combination of movement and music creates a serene atmosphere, conducive to sleep and relaxation. These gentle sounds help mask ambient noise and promote peaceful sleep.

How to stimulate baby's awakening?

Sensory development

The mobiles in our "Baby Mobile" collection are designed with bright colors and contrasting patterns that catch your baby's eye and stimulate their visual development. The different hanging elements, such as animals or geometric shapes, encourage your child to follow objects with their gaze, thus improving their hand-eye coordination.

Encouragement of curiosity

Mobiles are not only used to calm, but also to arouse your baby's curiosity. The varied shapes and colors of the mobiles in our collection capture your child's attention, encouraging them to explore and interact with their environment. This promotes cognitive development and encourages the discovery of new textures and shapes.

By choosing a mobile from our “Baby Mobile” collection, you are offering your child a valuable tool for their development and well-being. Explore our different themes, from the savannah to jungle animals, and find the perfect mobile to create a space that is both calming and stimulating for your baby.